JJ Bravo, S. A. is a company dedicated to Jewellery designing, manufacturing and marketing, was founded in 1960 and since then has managed to be industry leader in high volume production and market their collections worldwide. Our company is familiar, and we are in the second generation, although guided by the experience of our founder, Juan Jiménez Bravo.

We create our models by mixing traditional methods with the lasted technologies, obtaining a result of which we are proud, and being able to meet the needs of our customers. 

We invite you to know us a bit better.


We are place in El Parque Joyero, Córdoba (Spain), we have an experienced staff and modern facilities and suitable for any volume production.

As a member of SEDEX, we share the information from the annual audits through the globally recognized SMETA platform to collaborate with the ethical and technical values of the supply chain.


Our company makes new collections throughout the year, we like to innovate surprising, but always reflecting the latest trends, the collections of JJ Bravo are concern to: 

• Being fashion.

The worlds of Jewellery and Fashion increasingly are going together, from our company we try to adapt to our own design the best of both, always taking into account the classical model.

• Having variety.

Within our over 5000 references our clients can find the models that best suit their needs and  find new reasons to be given us faithful ranges.

• Taking care of the design and quality.

Our commitment to design is maximum, only through it we can emphasize with our personality. The quality of the model in the whole production process is an obsession, in our products combines design and quality.

How we work

As we do not have stock of our articles, we work on request. Once our general conditions of sale have been accepted, you will be asked for a deposit to start manufacturing, which will last from 5 to 8 weeks. Once your order is finished and payment has been received, we will proceed to the shipment directly to your facilities.

We also offer our design, prototyping and production services for your models with complete confidentiality.